A Different Kind of Romantic Poem

Re-post from of old poem posted on my Sulekha blog

Practical Ruminations at the Romantic Pinnacle

In the aftermaths of the utter chaos
That followed a casual confession
As you relented,
“Of course, I have always loved you!”
I panicked!As the noise started to subside
As the euphoria started to wither away
I wondered, is that it?
Is this why I spent
Nights after sleepless nights?
Okay, metaphorically!

Suddenly, I realized
I never had planned
Contingency measures for this!
In the retrospect it may sound funny
But who would have even thought!

Things were so easy till that moment
Everything was so clear
I knew what I had to do
Life was a single point agenda!

What do I do now?
Why is there so much written
On how to propose a girl
But virtually nothing
About what to do
If she says yes?

Are all glorious affairs
Dull and awkward at that point?
So awkward,
That no one even wants to write about them?

Why do all the love stories end
At the “happily ever after”
Just where they’re supposed to begin?
Is it because the terrain thereafter
Is too unpredictable
Even for the stalwarts?


7 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Romantic Poem

  1. Aria says:

    A different kind of romantic poem .. Indeed!
    Don’t remember reading it on Sulekha .. probably you posted it before my sulekha time that barely dragged for 3 months. A re-post was apt coz it’s something for the ‘permanent shelf’ .. to be read and re-read!

  2. asuph says:

    =)) @ IW!
    looks like you’ve adopted this poem-post.
    good good. more rereds for me.

    u know, rather than wasting your “khoon” on this poetry, you should put it to better use.

    “jab aankh se hi na tapka to phir lahoon kya hai?”

    aur waise bhi 90% of khoon is just paani.


  3. Vivek Sharma says:

    🙂 Wow! I must save this.
    Haven’t gotten to a point to have an experience like that, but now that the poet raises the question, smile beams across my face.

    Btw have you watched Socha na tha?

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