Blog Hopping 2

Take two of blog hopping…

I’ll start with Dan Husain, because he doesn’t fit in otherwise. I have been following Dan’s poetry blog every once in a while, and I think he’s a pro. Without using complex, obfuscating imagery, he manages to create amazing poetry, like this one: Coffee in Time of War.

It starts playfully, and even ends playfully, but not before knocking you down, leaving you speechless.

War, I said, I haven’t seen one.
I was only born in seventy-one.

Dan reminds me of Charles Bukowski.

But no, I have never seen a war.
I don’t know what it means
to sit through blackouts, power outages,
to hold my breath and wait
for a bomb to detonate.

There are more poems of his that I’d like to include, but then this one is as good as any.

Moving on, Mukta‘s Save Indian (Male) Child is one of those blogs that captures a slice of (urban) Indian reality, and asks questions that are very very relevant, IMO. Any writing that asks questions of a group, men, women, Indian men, Indian women, and so on, is bound to overgeneralize, but that apart, I find this one of the best articulated blogs on this subject that I’ve come across. I’d ask all my bachelor and newly married male friends to read this and think over it, not necessarily respond to it, but just think, and keep it in mind. Why I say that is, for intelligent, liberal Indian men, the learning curve is steep, and there is this dilemma of wanting an intelligent, independent partner but not having instincts to handle them. Stepping into the shoes of the other sex is not really an easy thing to do, and that is why I say think and think over it. Yes, debate helps but not always.

I, Zak ” on whose blog I first stumbled upon in the middle of the cartoon controversy (and I see now he has removed that post — rather a repost of a cartoon on the controversy), and have been following erratically since, posted this poem by Farid ud-din Attar : One about pride. Curiously, Zak’s blog name has an I in it ;-). Thanks Zak for introducing me to this interesting poet!

I was going to cover Aria‘s poem Ablution in my last blog hopping blog, but somehow I forgot. For a self-confessed novice poet, Aria writes with a fluency and style:

You are not mine
But I’m still yours
And with me
my love,
Sin is cleansing

Well I end this with another one by Mukta, for it got me chuckling all along. A blog about Crossword! I was reminded of the time when back in my IIT days Planet M opened its first Mumbai outlet at Churchgate (was it?), with all fanfare that’s to be expected of them, the then naive me walked into the trap. An attractive and dumb looking female (yeah, back in those days I used to find even dumb looking females attractive at times) walked up to me (yes, me with my totally out of place clothes and hairstyle) and asked me in sweet voice, what was it that I was looking for. I knew then and their it was useless asking her, but I still asked, mainly because she was attractive ;-). “Shakti with John Mclaughlin”. “Shakti is the album?” she asked helpfully. “No”, I said exasperated. I wanted to say John McLaughlin is the album. But then sarcasm is totally wasted on attractive and dumb females, so I told her that Shakti is a group and I was looking for Natural Elements. She noted it down on some piece of paper and took down my email id and promised to get back to me when they got the album.

Sigh, I never got her email (she was, I tell you, quite attractive), although I did pick up Natural Elements the very same day from Rhythm House. I have rarely stepped into Planet M after that. Anyways, this blog was supposed to be about other bloggers blogs, so I’ll stop here.


3 thoughts on “Blog Hopping 2

  1. Aria says:

    Its a great idea coz quite randomly you land on a blog and are bewitched by the write-up. I often shy away when it comes to posting comments .. but I do relish some blogs, silently.

    Must say, the link of Danish Husain’s blog and the poem you provided was so absorbing.
    Thanks for a mention :>)

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