Blog Hopping

Every once in a while I go on random blog hopping, and then I realize how hard it is to find interesting blogs, due to the sheer number of blogs that are floating around. There are clusters of bloggers who follow each others blogs and typically you see the same commentors on the blogs. Add to that the problem of people blogrolling others for reciprocal reasons, or just because you gotta have a blogroll. So we gotta go back to recommendations before the so called web 2.0 (or 3.0 or whatever it is) really starts helping us there (in finding content that we might enjoy). So here is my bit, for those who share some of my tastes in the written matter: a few links to blogs that I have come across lately, which caught my attention. I hope to do this activity more often.

I’ll start with (probably) the youngest blogger in this potpourri

Sometime back I read this poem by Merryweather: For Whom the Bell tolls, which grabbed my attention right away…

When the leaves were autumn-gold
But you were too involved to notice
Their sullen dance on a cemented pathway
All you could see were the unwinding, winding forest roads

I wish I could write like that even at my age! Check out her blog. Yes, the themes are kind of commonplace, but the poetic spark is there.

Prat‘s Bookstore totally floored me by its sheer poise (for the lack of better word).

A lot of other what ifs
I asked you
You explained
Destiny and the human mind
You showed me
It is true

And then she ends it beautifully… no I won’t put those lines here. No spoilers here 😉

And before I move away from poetry, this one from ubermensch , an old friend from the virtual world. Ubermensch is Nietzsche in the making; don’t take him lightly, even though this one is light:

Once someone told me
It was beyond his imagination how
such a thing as free verse
came to be called Poetry…

That’s almost a quarter of his small poem:

Okay, away from poetry as promised. Anumita‘s blog, 10 Days Canned Stored and Treasured is one of the most heartfelt pieces of writing I’ve come across in the so called Indian blogosphere. What I like is the sheer honesty that the piece radiates, and the fact that she hasn’t tried to anonymize it through fiction or other devices. No excerpts here, since it’s a prose piece, nevertheless strongly recommended!

And away from words altogether, onto one photoblog: Atul Sabnis has this excellent photoblog: If I Could See Better. He has quite an eye, to want to see better. Definitely worth a dekkho, as the say.

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll come up with second round soon.


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