Different Gods

So one day
The god of the
Will descend
From the heights
Of faith

Believers will
stare with disbelief
The non-believers
Will give a
Knowing smile
Never for a moment
Getting the joke

The God of the
Believers will laugh

The believers will
Look at the priests
The priests will
Look away
Surely, with God around
They won’t be able
To tell Stories

The God
Will climb up
The pedestal again
Shaking her head
The veil of obscurity
Will be put up again
The priests will
Take the center stage
Telling stories

The non-believers
Will debate endlessly
Questioning the stories
Of the priests

And then
The God of non-believers
Will nod to the
God of the believers

The bet
Will be called off
Once again


7 thoughts on “Different Gods

  1. asuph says:

    Thanks guys..

    Bilbs, isn’t it more like the whole poem is a justification for writing those two lines? ;-). now that i read it, it feels so, although the poem stood without them for a while. then those lines came to me and only then did i decide to post.

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