In search of rainbows

With your bitter-sweet love
And mastery of colors
Teach me (again!)
I’ve lost them
In the self-imposed
The obsession with grays
And sepia flirtings

You know
(You always knew, I know)
My obsessions better
Than myself
And see where they’ll
Abandon me, helpless
Don’t you see
Where this sterility
Is taking me?

Have lost sense
Of all dimensions
But one
You know where
All the dimensions meet?
In a point, of course
Point itself is a singularity
Colorless, odorless, tasteless
And I shudder to say

Today don’t
Not Today
(When) I need
Your impeccable sense
Of the pragmatic
And instincts
To spot the banal

Lend me your
Enthusiasm for colors
And I will try
To shed my inhibitions
And pick up the brushes
I’m tired of grays.


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