Yesterday, today, tomorrow

We never mangaged
The motions of goodbye well
You were busy with
New beginnings
I was busy
Reminiscing, savouring
The bitter aftertaste
Wallowing, almost

The lose strands
(Like your hair
On those rare days
You’d let them be)
Oh well, they’ll haunt
They always do

I was born dramatizing
You liked to say
(Am I still obsessed with
What you liked to say?)
Not today

Today it’s time
To rest the past,
In all its troubled glory
Okay, that’s a little
Over the top

But seriously
Tomorrow I want to forget
That I want to forget
(Forget) even this obsession
With moving on
Which holds me back
Into today


10 thoughts on “Yesterday, today, tomorrow

  1. Silent Melody says:

    Hey asuph, saw your mail. Checked my account after a long time. I am here, reading everything.

    This is a really nice poem.Reading a good poem from you after a loong time.Cud relate totally to it.

  2. prat says:

    hi asuph
    your poetry is just so divine- the simplicity and imagery that you use is rare.
    you have a gift.
    oh, and about the literary review. do you read this columnist called pradeep sebastian? his column is called endpaper. wonderfully gifted. i think i am in love with him 🙂

  3. asuph says:

    thanks prat. that’s a huge compliment.

    i’ve read a bit of pradeep sebastian and yes he’s very interesting. i think he’s taken tho :))

    do visit again,

  4. asuph says:

    1. I don’t need to condone/condemn other person’s drug addiction/alcoholism. I don’t. It’s not for me to decide how others lead/waste their lives. Yes I will still like their work.

    2. Lata mangeshkar is rumoured to have slept with a some of her music directors. Would you hate her singing because of that? The sad part is in the word of media it’s hard to get a break. Again, one can judge the work despite of how one got a chance. And I’m interested in the work.


  5. Red says:

    The lose strands
    (Like your hair
    On those rare days
    You’d let them be)
    Oh well, they’ll haunt
    They always do

    very pictorial n vivid. But nonetheless u rnt off d huk !

  6. asuph says:

    ah red. after all the pradeep sebastian business i’m glad the comments are back on track. thanks. and i kind of enjoy the hoook.


  7. Meaker says:

    You actually do more than visitors’ targets. Many thanks pertaining to object rendering these valuable, honest, edifying and therefore cool thoughts on individual to Kate.

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