Two and a half seasons

As the cloudy overcast weather
Metamorphs into that
Just about right sunny afternoon
I wonder how long this will last

Oh, I want it to last
Just as I wanted the first drizzles
To last forever
And then I started to fear
If it’s going to

Yet this draught
Words losing their charm
Punctuation its stance
As ideas entangle
Paralyzing the hand
I sit and wonder
Will it end?

“It all is cyclic”
A friendly voice reminds
Albeit unnecessarily
We have seen the cycles
Seeing is believing
Still, every time you descend
You wonder if the cycle
Was just a spiral


5 thoughts on “Two and a half seasons

  1. asuph says:

    ah, ano. my silence is explained (sigh! too much engineering specifications writing) only by a bout of wisdom that i had. now, thankfully, i’ve lost it.


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