when you look at me
you, with your naive eyes
the sepia memories
don’t pain me

in fact i have started
to hate sepia
for god’s sake
what happened
to all the colors?

and no
on friday evenings
when i am bored to death
i still don’t
think of you
and of the days
we spent together
platonic lovers
fooled by
mass delusions

is there a point
in trying to recall
the colors we saw
while daydreaming?
a broad brush of sepia
would put to end
the vain search

sepia it is then
however much I hate
its banality
the next time
i want to work
with real colors

[Note: yeah i know there is no such word, but no one said I can’t coin words! and if someone did say that, too bad]


2 thoughts on “Insepiated

  1. anonymous says:

    Without your usual clarity: give me a tangible memory, show me a delusion:)
    Do little more with the poem, for like always I want to like this one too!

    Vivek Sharma

  2. asuph says:

    🙂 thanks vivek. but at the moment that’s all i can come up with 😦 that was defrosting poem, and now it’s frosted again… my writing, i mean… if you can call it that.


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