Agnostic Gospels

I have doubted
My existence vehemently
In vain

Your existence
I can easily doubt
I was born
With that gift

Come again?
Who gifted it?
What kind of conceited
Question is that?

Is what random does
Beat that
And I’ll know
Only then will
I believe

Don’t give me that
Cliched line
Belief doesn’t end
When you know
It just validates itself

No a priori judgments
To bail you out
Axioms and you
Will have to await
The empirical validation


5 thoughts on “Agnostic Gospels

  1. anonymous says:

    Asuph dude, are you on a mission to render me mad? For am going in circles with your words and cant make anything out of them. Will you please make the next post something tht lil mortals like me understand, or i feel the ‘lost’ complex catching up on me too fast.. and tht’s your fault mister.

    anyway want to know where you got me there with this poem??
    chromosomes, swimming sperms, chemistry, spins, god, christmas, baby, hawk, airplane, homework. oh and jail

    and you wonder now how one gets mad??

  2. asuph says:


    chomosomse? swimming sperms?

    rest seems kinda equally close 😀

    and I never wondered. i knew it all along.

    let go your sanity, it’s not worth it 😉


  3. anonymous says:

    Is what random does

    and stop laughing now! what was i supposed to make out. one of a zillion or was tht million??

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