Silver Lining

Every cloud has a
Silver lining, they say
As if that’s any better
I mean it looks good
And all that
But that’s where it ends

When the clouds grip you
Making you wonder
What exactly, are you up to?
You know, the meaning
And all that
The silver lining will
Make it better…
Are you kidding me?

Long back, I’ve stopped
Putting my bets on
The silver, up there
I’ve made a deal
With the dull grays
Of the burnt ash
That are here to stay

Bad deal, you say?
Surely, you know
The silver lining
Will go away
Along with the clouds
And you’ll be left
With an empty blue


11 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. anonymous says:


    Below par by your own standards…. thought it had too much cloud, too little silver lining:)


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