“Irreverence cannot be
the subject of a poem”

He insisted, my alleged Guru
“A style maybe, but not subject!”
I looked back at him

“How about you take that
Unsolicited, worthless advise
And shove it (you know where?)”

I wanted to say
But then I saw
A tinge of uncertainty
In his otherwise
Overconfident eyes

“A poem cannot be asked
To shut its gaze
From any damn thing
You said once, remember?”

I had to ask
His eyes lit up
As he went for the kill

“In an ideal world
Poems are free
In short – to be
Only in ideal world
There aren’t lousy poets
Waiting for inspiration
And taking a cheap short-cut
Every now and then”

My guru, my alter-ego
He always wins
Every damn argument
The thing is, still
At the end of the day
I have the last laugh


6 thoughts on “Irreverence

  1. asuph says:

    enig: for a moment you gave me a scare 😀

    mayur: thanks. glad you liked it.

    vivek: thank you! that sounds good too 🙂


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