A Verbal Emesis

nausea grips me
once in a while
my own words refuse
to own up the bile

cobwebs gone haywire
chocked drain, clogged mind
lost in its own traps
the spider goes blind

voices i can see
lights i can only sense
as i run towards them
i trip over the fence

a bottomless pit
will not kill you ever
a fall without end
suspends life forever

life is a maze
of rotten desires
incessant rain competes
with the hell’s fires

beating heart
a steady breath
delusions of life
mask signs of death


8 thoughts on “A Verbal Emesis

  1. anonymous says:

    Hey Asuph,
    This is dark and it is almost like the words are tumbling over each other to get out…I like that I think. Grief or sorrow arent graceful and dignified..if they are,its a facade, grief has to be raw, real, coarse even and honest…methinks the poem brings that well…write more.


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