Ali Farka Touré

Weird thing happened today. I came to office early, humming yer mali gakoyoyo tune and as soon as I got into office I had to listen to Ali Farka. Then I started checking blogs in google-reader and there I find this blog by amardeep singh, announcing for me that Ali Farka died last weekend, the same song playing in the background for me.

A friend introduced me to his music very recently and I’ve just heard Radio Mali so far (many times sinces, I must add), but the music is mesmerizing. As a rule I am not into folk; it interests me very little, but Ali’s music has that quality which is simple and yet pulls you deep into the innerermost parts of your soul. Amardeep calls it soul-restoring, I’d call it soul-churning. Amardeep’s blog is worth a read, and Ali is definitely worth listening to. It’s very different and might take some getting used to. But do me a favor, don’t listen to it for exotic thrills. He deserves better.


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