The long walk to nowhere

I look out the window
At whatever’s left of the horizon
Behind the ugly urban skyline

The devil is not in the details
It’s in the fading individuality
And the omnivorous conformism

I have lost the baton way back
And even the tracks
I had to follow to win

But on the other side,
The green isn’t grass
And the red isn’t blood

They lied to me, again and again
I believed I could bring rains
And the deserts would bloom

So when the dunes move
Leaving behind another mirage
Don’t ask me to chase it, again


9 thoughts on “The long walk to nowhere

  1. anonymous says:

    What’s the fun if you stop believing in mirages ? The point is not in the end but in the interim when u believe it is true!Pretty Cool!

  2. anonymous says:

    Do chase the mirages
    all is not lost yet
    and when you chance upon
    that one oasis
    pure and tranquil
    renew yourself
    and bring the roses to bloom


  3. anonymous says:

    Honestly, I found the first two stanza very strained. As though, the words don’t fit in there. But after that it gets very very good. I liked the surreal atmosphere the poem created the best. -AFJ (

  4. asuph says:

    ano! don’t lie to me again :D. fun apart, thanks for commenting.

    afj, thanks for the honest comment. much appreciated. the whole poem is strained in a way. even i liked just couple of stanzas myself.


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