A Desparate Poem

Yesterday again the autowallah
In his characteristic arrogance
Asked me where did I want to go
For a moment, a sarcastic smile
Almost formed on my dry cracked lips
I wanted to tell him:

“Forget the destination
I hardly know where I am
And so I suspect is the case
With you, my brother”

But I refrained, with some effort
Who wants to be taken to a mental hospital
Just because he had an urge
To spit out some useless philosophy
Early in the morning?

And so I ruminated, instead

When the sublime departs, orphaning you
And the same old quicksand
Ejects you again, contemptuously
You wonder, how did I land here?
No doubt, the question is out of place

The autowallah, meanwhile
Was still waiting for a destination
Early mornings, I tell you
Isn’t a good time for
For that kind of shit.


3 thoughts on “A Desparate Poem

  1. anonymous says:

    hey i could picture this! in fact, was the autowallah chewing pan and grinning wickedly through his reddish teeth as he asked the destination? as tho he were the free-est guy of the universe and you poor wretched soul enclosed in some trap.
    loved this one! but the title makes me laugh 🙂

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