A gray kaleidoscope

I fear
That Soon
My words will lose
Their eminent subjectivity
And turn
Into a gospel
Of sterile hate
Or banal love

I fear
That the pigs
Will lose their steam
And drop down
On our collative head
And we’ll believe
A bit too late

I fear
That the rainbows
Tired of being explained
Would disappear
Leaving behind
A pot full of
Monochromatic gold

And when
Even the gypsies
Adorn the grays
And the sunrises
Tired of being ignored
Hide behind
Silver-lined clouds
We would have
Just enough time
For another epitaph


10 thoughts on “A gray kaleidoscope

  1. anonymous says:

    Asuph, very lovely!! The last stanza packs a punch. I loved it. My only grouse is that in this line about the rainbows, “Would disappear” seemed a bit discordant…I have a feeling that “Will disappear” would have been more appropriate 🙂

    The change of tense seems a bit jarring…..and brings down the “out there, let me ruminate over this languidly” feeling down just a little bit…other than that, it is smooooth!:-)

    But write more, please.


  2. anonymous says:

    hey asuph..loved the title….so totally fits the somber mood of the poem…as for the rest…..I would say ditto to all ur fears (ah well, we can leave the pigs losing their steam one tho 😉

    …that’s when I resort to sunsets…..when I’m a wee bit too tired of the optimism of the sunrises….and the rainbows behind the skies….and the thousand hopes and dreams that they engulf themselves in…and want you to be a part of….

    hmmm…not sure if any of this is making sense 🙂 I shd stop blabbering…

  3. asuph says:

    your comments are no less than poetry…

    when I’m a wee bit too tired
    of the optimism of the sunrises
    and the rainbows behind the skies
    and the thousand hopes and dreams
    that they engulf themselves in…

    see! and blabber on. on this blog, you have that luxury.


  4. anonymous says:

    I am not a poetry person but the inherent saracasm and “Wtf” attitude surely helps me relate and appreciate it!But then..that feeling is a cycle!



  5. yosso says:

    different style, youve taken out your typical -conversationstyle- here, makes me feel good, esp the third paragraph.

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