No water? Drink Coca Cola

Thanks to Dilip D’souza I came across this amazing web-page: One of his pictures is in mid-day here (apparently without credit, and Dilip took his blog offline for he has asked Mid-day for clarification, but that’s besides the point). But what’s more interesting is another link from the same blog by Dilip: Whatta-loota-water

This photograph is a great example of how effectively images can be used to combat corporates, with a little creativity; this picture is worth thousands of words for sure!

The blog also has a link to an article which says that Coca-Cola has threatened Haskar with a lawsuite. Nothing surprising.


2 thoughts on “No water? Drink Coca Cola

  1. anonymous says:

    If Marie Antoinette had been alive at a different period and culture of history, I am sure this is what she would have said, “No water? Have Cocacola!”

    -AFJ (

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