Charles Bukowski

Stumbling brought me to this:

there will always be something
to ruin our lives,
it all depends upon
what or which
finds us
we are always
ripe and ready
to be
(From Ruin)

Charles Bukowski! I don’t read too much of poetry, but this guy has hit me hard… This is amazing writing…

sometimes you’ve got to kill 4 or 5
thousand men before you somehow
get to believe that the sparrow
is immortal, money is piss and
that you have been wasting
your time.
(From man in the sun)

In upon reading a critical review he writes:

people read themselves into books, altering
what thay need and discarding what they

Words — simple, everyday, ordinary — can still stun you, when a master rearranges them, I guess. I’m off to read more…


One thought on “Charles Bukowski

  1. anonymous says:

    thx! am off to read him as well..
    got to catch up with the rest of your posts as well… the recipe pic looks soooo yummy…

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