Ad Libitum

Work beacons all the while,
And yet you cannot but
Flirt with the spider

Vicarious you say?
Absolutely agree
Can we move on now?

I never claimed genius
It’s you who insisted
I had to have one

I gave my best shot
I missed? You my dear
Are missing the point

Let the rain wash away
The last words
The last of my lies

Silence, without the
Expectancy around it
Is that too much to ask?


2 thoughts on “Ad Libitum

  1. anonymous says:

    hey asuph….loved the last two stanzas….tho they have such a strong touch of sadness to ’em (or maybe that’s why I like them)……I’m finding it difficult to decide which one of those two I like better 🙂 the first one, has a mixed feeling around it – of a kind of comfort in the rain, yet loneliness cutting thru so deep at the same time? and the second… a bigger turmoil, it is as if you want yourself to be consummed in that world of silence around you, but you almost wish that it would do all the talk that you’ve been shirking away from, all this while…

    P.S: oh..and totally forgot I promise I’ll get around to read those 100 odd poems too sometime, just bear with my laziness,ok? :):)

  2. asuph says:

    interesting interpretation there! deeper than what I intended. but that’s the thing about poetry… this wasn’t a finished piece by any stretch of imagination… i spent 5 mins writing it and around 2 editing it… another one of my hazaar experiments!

    now you know why I want you to read my other poems? I’ll wait. i know a whole lot about laziness than you do :D.


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