Trompe L’oeil

There at last
The rainbow splits wide open
And the colors
Are strewn across the horizon

A pale blotch of violet
Shamelessly pollutes
The reddish-orange spread
Behind the proud sun

A little shade of indigo
Is seamlessly mixed
Into the otherwise blueish
Tranquility of the lake

My perceptions
They border on extra-sensory
Or illusory
If you say so

After all you have
The monopoly
On visual truth
You with all the numbers

Okay, have that final laugh
But how will you convince me
My freakish perceptions
Are indeed unreal?

Trompe L’oeil, is the French phrase meaning: “to deceive the eye”.

kaash – ek ghazal

tauheen-e-mahobbat bhi sahe lete hum
anjaam-e-furkat jo pahele se likha hota

parastish bhari aakhein jhuka dete hum
nigaah-e-yaar se utarana gar likha hota

neend aakho.n pe rakhke jaagate the hum
visaal-e-yaar bas kwaab hai gar pata hota

dil-lagi naa thi bas, woh bhi jaanate hai
kyun hai anjaan ab, itnaa to pata hota

aajkal kahaan unhe hai fursat itni asuph
tum jiye jaate ho, ye unko bhi gayaan hota