Eclectic Verses

I Do

We live twice
Before the moment
When the whispers inside
Die down
leaving behind
a single voice

And after
The crossover
Takes just an instant

I’m all yours
You mean it
There are no rites
To celebrate or mourn
But you know

The Cosmetic Surgery

You may kiss the bride
The sweet smell
Of Cabernet Sauvignon
Held back
By the sterile mint
It’s not the first
Of course
But it’s the first
With social consent
Hell, did we ask for that?

Why do they pronounce
Shouldn’t we?
Don’t ask
Stupid questions
Enjoy the freakin’ moment!


Ready, steady… go
The grass is blessed
With a luminous due
And Even the bitch
Ever tense
Has stopped worrying
A respite, well appreciated
By the wandering puppies

Is that the third round?
Stop counting! Will you?
That’s my job, you know
Four minute mile
Takes you nowhere

But all that
You’ll forget
Just like those pups
The meat, you see
Is quite tasty
The bitch will be back

The Great Gig

Sore throat?
That’s a relief
The stage is set
And so is
The EXIT sign
Glowing, inviting red

We don’t
Play for the gallery
It’s too damn
If we can escape once
Surely we can
Again and again

There would be
More pedestals to run from
So long as
No one is clocking
We’ll run

The Axe Effect

Irresistible, you say?
How I wished
Were the word you used
But that’s still better
Than obscure

You can’t bargain for
The gaze will never relent
dark curtains
Soft cushions
Dim lights
And a tired remorse

Cheap whiskey
A creeping headache
And a beam
Of morning light
Tiny dusty flakes
Shining vicariously

It’s too early
And yet too late
You can’t buy back
The soul


3 thoughts on “Eclectic Verses

  1. anonymous says:

    Nice series asuph!
    have been reading the other poems too!

    my 2 cents and Im no poetry expert 🙂
    try using longer sentences in a verse ..i feel it provides much more scope
    otherwise the poetry comes across as very raw ..something that the reader makes up a mental block against. something the reader either imagines to be very profound or makes up his/her mind is and does not scratch beneath ..not the effect I’m sure you hoped for

    Single words/small phrases lose impact and i feel they should be used for just that ..impact and emphasis ..something raw and visceral .. profundity when it is intended ..not when every word screams achtung!

    I liked the chronology of the poems from the
    pure I DO moment to the midlife crisis of the axe effect .. of course that is my interp only 🙂
    Do keep “poeting” .. Im having a wild time 🙂


  2. asuph says:

    hey dada!

    thanks much..

    i’ll ponder over your suggestions… next time i play around, i’ll watch out… but i guess you’re right about the losing impact bit… i’ve overdone it yes…

    i’d rather not talk about interpretations.. i’d not want to take away other readers (if they read it, that is) subjective experience… but I’m glad you read it…


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