Just Blogging (Sept 27, 05)

On some days, I have this urge to do normal blogging. I’m not good at it, but then that’s never really been a reason enuff not to for me. So here goes…

I came to the office today with my eyes sore from the pollution and dust on the roads post the rains. Pune roads suck big time. The good news it they can’t get worse than this. And that’s not because PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) is going to do anything about it. Just that you need roads for them to go worse.

Another good news is that the rains finally seem to be on their way out. All these years I wondered why the Brits are so enthusiastic about bright sunny days. Not any more. I can see the bright blue sky from the window of my cube. It’s still cloudy but that’s just make it more pleasant. Sigh, the October heat will start anytime now.

A friend referred to his friend’s Marathi blog. A quintessential Marathi, or rather a puneri blog. Paamar writes with ease and flow. The blog is in devnagari font, and that means only those who can read and understand Marathi can enjoy it. Replete with the puneri sarcasm, and indeed many things that excite the puneri heart, it’s a treat for ghatis. Especially for those Punekars outside Pune who’re missing their katta.

On the subject of ghatis (a badly misunderstood word), sometime back I explained the various connotations of the word to some online friends, mostly non-ghatis. Ghatis is how maharashtrian (or Marathi speaking) people are identified — (just like telugu=>gult, keralites=>mallus …). But inside Maharashtra, ghati is typically anyone leaving on the ghats (the western ghats.. the plains). It’s slightly derisive, and typically pune-mumbai people use it to write off outsiders. Even in those ghati-ghatis (I am one such speciman), the word is used as an insult, to mean uncultured or uncivilized (I am surely one such specimen). So in general it’s a loaded word. Non maharashtrians should avoid using it unless it’s in a group of friends or in general well known people.

Okay. My just-blogging itch is over. Ctrl-D.


4 thoughts on “Just Blogging (Sept 27, 05)

  1. anonymous says:

    didn’t know about all the subtext behind the word. in the pursuit of “gotta learn something every day”, this happens to be the first such nugget for the day ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. anonymous says:

    I have been in Mumbai for some time now … never heard of ghatis may be because there isn’t much interaction with the local people … anyway it is always good to have new fundas -:) …. I started a blog about my stay in mumbai http://mumbaidays.blogspot.com …. such fundas will be helpful
    all the best with your just-blogging itch ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. asuph says:

    ssm, well i guess every trivia has its takers ๐Ÿ˜‰
    wbix: i guess it’s time I take the hint..
    anon: well you’re mixing with the wrong crowd.. ๐Ÿ™‚ keep your ears open.. will check out your blog sometimes. mumbai is where heart is.


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