The Drawing Room

The other day
Sitting in your drawing room
In presence of appreciative audience
When you denied my existence

I was watching you
Through the opening in the clouds
I was watching you
With curiosity, and pride too

Your synthesis was out of the world (sic!)
So much, that even I grew skeptical
Of my own existence

But then I know
Between my ardent believers
You stand distinguished
Even the first

Only, your drawing room
Is far off
From your heart

[A loose translation of V.V.Shirvadkar’s poem Tu (You) — from his poem collection Pravasi Pakshi (A Wandering Bird)]


9 thoughts on “The Drawing Room

  1. anonymous says:

    and i was thinking, wow here’s the romantic asuph, writing down a beautiful piece for his lovely wife.
    the poem was romantic right? because it felt tht way to me anyway!

  2. anonymous says:


    I know I am very late in visting your new home but here I am!! This site looks good and you have quite a number of new postings.

    Liked the poem but I think the sentence “Your synthesis was out of the world (sic!)” is kind of standing out. Which hindi word in original poem did u replace with “synthesis”. Just curious to know.

    And thanks a lot again for the help on that article. I wanted to mail you regarding that and a couple of other issues but was caught up in a lot of things.And those things will not make any sense now.

    You will see me around.


  3. asuph says:

    thanks silo!

    well, i don’t believe in word-for-word trnaslation and try to faithfully reproduce the essence. well, the sic is kind of unnecessary 😉 and almost TIC.. the marathi word used was “vivechan”. I guess that means something different word-to-word…

    thanks anyways..

    hope to see you around


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