Empty Spaces

Without you
Within me

You say you’re mine
But your space
Is just yours

One of these days
The empty spaces
Will crunch

I will crunch
With mine,
You with yours

From outside
The euphoria
Shields emptiness

Inside out
It’s just
A prison wall

Can’t we
Just Merge
Our Empty spaces?


11 thoughts on “Empty Spaces

  1. Nithya Swaminathan says:

    I loved the starting 3 lines.. great stuff..:) And then, I thought I understood something, till I reached the end..:(

    Well, I thought this poem talks about the void created in X’s mind when Y is not there… The space that’s reserved for Y in X’s mind is now empty… Hoping this is right, wudnt “merging the empty spaces” seem out of place? Or what exactly does the last line mean???–>

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