The Kiss

The first kiss
Is also the last
As the bystanders watch

The blessed one
Smiles a mysterious smile
Seemingly untouched
By the cruel time

There is vicarious fear
In all those
Who haven’t been blessed yet

For the bystanders
Tomorrow will be
Just like yesterday
The voyeur,
It lasts for a moment
Stretched here and there

Nothing will last
No, not even
The memory of the kiss
Final as it is
It will fade
Memory, after all,
Is just temporal

And yet
The now matters today
Like there is no tomorrow
And it seems so hard
To forget
That mysterious smile

After posting the poem I realized that this might be too abstract. The kiss is the final kiss — kiss of death.


12 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. asuph says:


    thanks. the explanation was not for you!


    yes. I agree. totally. and normally I won’t bother explaining what I had in mind when I wrote. if one wants to force interpretation, why bother with poem? surely prose does the job lot better. like I said, this was unusual thing for me to do.


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