Of Gifts and V-Day

What do pseudo-intellectuals do on the Valentines Day? They muse. Or they think they muse. Whatever. So here is my V-Day muse or rambling.

V-Days are linked so closely to gifts, and I’m a bad gift person. I mean I’m really bad. No, I’m really really bad. My theory of gifting is derived from Jesus Christ — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Problem is, when I think of the gifts that I’d like to receive from people, the list is short. Tiny almost. Well it can be written in two words – Books and Music. Not a very helpful rule, I’d say — so what if it’s golden? To be honest, there are more things that I’d like to receive as gifts from people — like a state of the art laptop, a sedan class car, a Boss home theater, so on and so forth. But I don’t add them to the list, just so that I’m not obliged to think of them as alternatives (still people are welcome to go ahead and gift them to me)! That brings us back to the gift problem.

Anyway, all that changed with the entry of Sayali. She is a gift person. I remember just before our first V-day, she handed me a polythene bag that I was to forward to some friend of hers in Pune. I hate forwarding stuff to people I don’t know. But then, I was already feeling guilty that I couldn’t spend V-Day with her (yeah, yeah, we all know it’s commercial crap and all that, but try telling that as an excuse ;-)). So I mutely carried it back home, wondering which new friend this was that I had never heard about! On the V-Day, she tells me it’s a gift for me. That was just the beginning though. It’s after we got married that I realized that she just has amazing talent for gifts. So these days, I get a share of “oh! we were thinking of buying this for so long!”, “oh, this is so cute”, “oh! chooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeet”, when we hand over gifts to people. I’ve completely outsourced the gifting department, disowning my gift-philosophy. Who needs theory when he can use the master’s services for free? Well the last is not exactly true (for the master doesn’t just tell what to gift, but also when — half of which I’d have forgotten otherwise), but I’m not complaining.


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