The Final Epiphany

At the point of singularity
Where perceptions play games
And the words desert you
Unabashedly, at the worst moment
Doubt becomes insignificant
By its ubiquity

You still want to trust
The remains of the scattered logic
To help you build
The edifice back again
In all it’s shining glory

How can you trust even memories
When the now seems questionable?
It’s always better
To close all the shutters
And wait for the spell to end

But does it?
And how does one know
If it ever does end?
Miracles might be happening
But when senses give in
How do you know
They are real?


10 thoughts on “The Final Epiphany

  1. Reshmi says:

    finally something i can understand and comment on 😛

    To close all the shutters
    And wait for the spell to end
    But does it?

    i wonder – those shutters are never actually closed contrary to what we might want to believe.
    one thread runs thru it all….. we cud try giving it several meanings.

    [am seriously wondering if that makes sense to anyone else?!]

  2. asuph says:


    isn’t everything about perception (lol, isn’t that what you asked me recently?)


    i didn’t know I write stuff that’s difficult to understand. but I’m glad.


    it’s kinda hard to believe :). besides, you’re already the Buddha as far as I know. or Buddhi (which in marathi means wisdom) 🙂

    ssm, sm:

    thanks for the comments. glad u guys liked it. I just wanted to break my dry run wrt poetry writing (unless i count the new years eve poem :D)


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