Who’s Birthday Is It Anyway?

And so we’ve another latest fad. In last couple of weeks, I’ve got at least thirty-seven requests to add my Birthday to other people’s Birthday Calanders. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little. Okay, a LOT. But suddenly everyone seems to be creating B’day Calanders on BirthdayAlarm.com. Now, I have nothing against this sort of thing — people want to maintain B’day calanders, good for them! I find it highly commendable. There is a little problem, however. These people want me to enter my birthday there.

Not that I think it’s worth keeping a secret (unless, say, your internet banking password consists of that information. In that case, you’re anyway doomed sooner rather than later). However, what kind of pain is it to make entry of your birthday in someone else’s B’day Calender, so that s/he doesn’t have to take pains of remembering it! I mean, what kind of benevolent universe premise (peace be upon Ayn Rand) do someone who comes up with such an idea rely on? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? (aka Symbiotic Benevolence — something most foolish theories are based on — like socialism, romantic love, pyramid schemes etc. But then that means, to extract any benefit out of this scheme (unless of course you consider ecards from almost strangers as some kind of benefit) you need to actually create your own B’day Calender somewhere. But then again, what’s the real benefit there? You get to send ecards! Fabulous.

So guys, if you ever feel like creating something like that, please give a second thought to something called human-nature — which, if you actually sit down to study and understand (and this is especially true about male-nature), is nothing but laziness. Since you were lazy enough to remember/write-down b’days of people who matter to you, the last thing you should expect is that they’ll go and actually fill up that information for you. But then, lots of people fall for socialism, romantic love and pyramid schemes. So maybe, you’ll be lucky too.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Birthday Is It Anyway?

  1. jrmonk says:

    Very true man…Couldn’t have agreed more…Actually…..you don’t have to celebrate/wish someone on his/her b’day if you can’t remember it…it doesn’t mean anything !!!

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