Of Cynics, Love and Birthdays

“So what are your plans for today?”, good@heart friends ask me.

Like I say, people are darn curious. And darn too full of ideas — for others.

“Nothing so far”, I start safely, knowing damn well it doesn’t work like that. If anything, it buys you a little bit of time.

“What do you mean nothing? oh, so it’s a secret kya?”

That’s the problem with truth. People are not used to it. You tell them any lie, and they’ll not just swallow it, they’ll munch on it. But you gotta live with that, (sigh etc.)

“No seriously, we haven’t planned anything.”

“Take her out to dinner!”, People don’t take hints, do they? Never! Why does it always happen to me? Do I ever go and tell someone what they should do on their wife’s B’day? Don’t they manage without my inputs, anyways? So why do they think I can’t? One more of life’s whys, that one’s gotta ask periodically.

It’s like my wife’s belief that unless she tells me to take a shower, I wouldn’t! Like I’d sit there with the morning paper for the whole of the morning, and leave for my office in my nightsuite. (sigh etc.)

“Well, we don’t like to eat out. It’s so unhealthy, eating out, you know. These days, you gotta watch you diet”, if you don’t budge, neither would I, you good@heart friend.

“Come on! One day won’t kill you!”

“How about I cook something for her?”

“Like what?”, I don’t get this. I mean, I can cook maggie for all you care. How does it affect anybody — except for my wife, of course.

“Potato chips”, I chip in, remembering the incident day before, with one of the new joinees in our company. When asked who all could cook, this guy raises his hand. When asked what does he cook, that’s the answer he gave: and I’m not making this up!

“Don’t tell me if you don’t have to”

“Okay”, yuppiiiieee-yuhooooo..

“You’re impossible! Anyways, what did you gift her?”

“Nothing”, knowing full well, I’m just making it worse. Why can’t I lie, like everyone around me? Even the great Dhramraj Yudhishthir did that.

“Now don’t tell me she doesn’t like gifts”

“She doesn’t like gifts on her B’day. She thinks it’s waste of money, and unnecessary, and predictable.”

“How about a bunch of roses? That doesn’t cost much does it?”

“It’s so goddamn predictable! It’s like declaring that you’re out of ideas”

“You are pathetic! Excuses is all you’ve got”

Maybe so, friend. But then aren’t B’days and anniversaries themselves excuses — for when you love someone (and I mean all forms of love), occasion is the last thing that you need to tell them that. Isn’t any day goodenuff for that?


6 thoughts on “Of Cynics, Love and Birthdays

  1. asuph says:

    a1! you think it’s easy thinking everyday is specail? try living that out :). At least those pseudo-romantics can get away with one perfect day!

  2. buckwaasur says:

    Yo Asuph

    Cool!! I also saw that you posted some sulekha links on ur blogsite…and…ahem…the buckwaasur and the banian figures…:-P…i’ll try to keep them active. 🙂

  3. SeaSwallowMe says:

    “”It’s so goddamn predictable! It’s like declaring that you’re out of ideas”i’m with you, asuph … when i see someone getting roses for their SO on a b’day – I also see that hapless person dashing into a store on the way home from work to grab some flowers ;-)) (and believe me, i’ve seen that happen many a time)..

    my wife loves flowers, but she’s hopelessly allergic to them .. (and the reason why i don’t have to do any dashing-into-stores !!) ;-)))

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