Question of Trust

With some reservations, I’m blogging on this subject. TOI, Sep 23, had this news item: Army gets women recruits examined by male docs, which I found quite a non-campaign.

Normally it’s up to a woman whether she wishes to go to a female or a male gynecologist. In fact, most prefer female practitioners. But it seems the Indian Army doesn’t give women the choice..

For one, this is like questioning professionalism of Army (or any male) gynecologist. Secondly, to expect Army to provide for preferences (sic) of recruits is, frankly, ridiculous! What next? An upper caste doctor for upper caste males who prefer not being touched by the so-called untouchables? Where will this stop. Somewhere, one has to accept professionals as professionals! On a lighter note (I couldn’t resists this!) what if the female gynecologist that Army manages to hire turns out to be a closet lesbian?

Thankfully, some Priya Mansingh calls spade a spade in letters to editor: Miss Misfit:

This is with reference to the news item ‘Army gets women recruits examined by male docs’ (Sep 23). It is amazing that a young girl about to join the armed forces should have such outdated views. As an army officer’s wife, I would like to allay Ms Moudgil’s fears and remind her that the army prides itself of gentlemanly behaviour.The army recruitment ads say ‘DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU?’ It seems Ms Moudgil does not have it in her to rough it. It would be better if she joins some other profession. With her mediaeval mindset she is likely to raise many a storm when posted to difficult and isolated army stations with male colleagues.

Okay, so what if that bit about Gentlemanly behaviour is a bit exaggerated…


3 thoughts on “Question of Trust

  1. asuph says:

    thanks a1,

    knowing how sensitive this subject is to some women, I was kind of ambivalent about using that line! But then good to see your response..


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