Are Indians Insanely Optimistic?

Time and again, Indians show a sense of optimism that borders on unreasonable. Especially so in sporting domains. For instance, the latest Redif survey (in the wake of a crackpot study by PWC [who at least get paid for their crackpot studies in general], which predicted a similar result for India) when asked will India win 10 medals at the Athens Olympics, a whooping 81% (currently) are saying yes! Now I know surveys are a crackpot device themselves, but still, I mean, even for fun how can someone click a yes ;-). And this isn’t a one-off case either. The last World Cup final, similar numbers were sure India will win (including your truly ;-)).

Neither is this optimism a constant. There is a huge fluctuation in the face of first bad result — like our hockey team losing to some sub-standard team. Then suddenly the polls go ulta. Optimism and pessimism are the two sides of the same coin, eh? so if not insane, are we at least a maniac-depressive society?


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