The GenNext: Will Bloggers Define Tomorrow’s Journalism?

In The Next Generation of Journalists Will Start as Bloggers, Ernest Miller writes (thanks to this Smart Mobs blog) :

Why don’t we take a look at the future of journalism and blogging a few years down the road? Where will the next generation of journalists be learning their craft and filing their first stories? I think an awful lot of them will learn through the process of blogging. Often, the people who become journalists do so because they like to learn about new things, they like to find stories, and they like to write and pass those stories on. If journalism is in their blood at a young age, they’re going to start blogging long before they set foot in a J-School. School newspapers are passé, school blogs are cool.

Indeed! The best thing about blogging is that you are your own boss. If you can convince yourself that something needs to be said, that’s all it takes for a blog to come into existence (and of course, the writing part!). Thing is, the kind of instant feedback that you might get in blogs is much valuable, especially so in the formative years. However, too much of feedback might destroy (or significantly hamper) the natural growth of the writer — the development of his/her unique style. So how soon is okay?

Besides, blogging is very different from journalism in the sense that journalism is this objective discipline (in theory at least!) where as blogs are inherently subjective. That is NOT bad per se, in fact that is the USP of blogs. But once one is used to that kind of editorial freedom how does one really adapt to the mainstream media? But then, for all we know, in a few years, the mainstream media might have adapted itself to the blogging world! We should just keep our fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “The GenNext: Will Bloggers Define Tomorrow’s Journalism?

  1. Anonymous says:

    well, its ubermensch here(do i hear any bell ringing?)
    check me out at
    blogs are far too much a promise, this too shall pass but unlike others not with very serious repurcussions…
    urs respitefully

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