Code Coolies or Code Daddies?

Came across this interesting question on slashdot:

Parenting and a Career in Coding?

Thinking back on all the software development groups I’ve been in, it seems most of the coders were not parents, and the coders that were parents seemed to have trouble with things like dealing with unplanned death marches and not being there for their family. So my question to the programmers with kids out there: How does a programming career jive with family life?

Positively nerdy question, I know, but the discussion that follows it is amazing. Even nerds, then, are empathizing with the dilemma of family vs. work life.

On a relevant note, married software professionals (at least in India), seem to face another problem. The field is ruled by bachelors, who live away from their families. Workplace is their home, gym, internet cafe, TT room and canteen combined. These guys come at obscene hours and leave at still obscene hours. It’s almost embarrassing to walk out at 7 pm for married guys/girls. And since even bosses come in late many a times, all they see is you being one of the first ones to leave. Or am I the only one imagining that?


2 thoughts on “Code Coolies or Code Daddies?

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey yosso here just dropped in to see hows my buddy n well seem water holding the same, im sorry i cant comment anything in these matters ……u knoww yyy

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