Cynical Gaze

I stood there
Amongst crumbled walls
Stinking carcasses
Abandoned houses
Deserted roads
And barren farms
Not a shadow made a noise
To disturb the eerie tranquility
Not a sign of life

“Are you happy Mr. Superman?”

What a great help you’ve been
Your sharp wit and dark sarcasm
Will make everything look alright
Otherwise, there is always the coffeehouse
[Never mind if you’re the only one]

Where is your analysis
Poignant, touching and stark?
Those zillions of graves
Will need epitaphs
Just like the ones you churn in
Day in and day out
[Very touchy they are…]

You gave your best, didn’t you?
Even when the flames erupted
You held on to your sacred truth
[Quite an accomplishment that was!]
You must be happy Mr. Superman
You didn’t let them get your soul
You preserved it, frozen
In walls of rationalizations

Are you … ?

PS: “Are you happy ..” is the line that I picked up from Ayn Rand’s book — The Fountainhead, and unabshadely abused it ;-). So I guess I owe her an apology!


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