A bluish, serene and still sky
A hint of red glow on the western horizons
A metallic grey, sedate lake
Almost silent …
The sun has just made its exit
Leaving behind a fading light
And the birds are flying past me
Joyous and anxious …

The picturesque sunset ends another day
And another lonely evening
I don’t belong to this dreamlike reality
There is no place for me in it
It’s too good to be true …

I had just wanted to be alone
Away from all human life,
The city lights and the ubiquitous noise
Away from friends and foes,
The worries, the joys and the likes…
Me and just me

But memories won’t let me be alone
However hard I may try,
To shut them into a remote corner of my mind
I’d rather be lonely or even sad
Than to be in their company
Is it too much to ask,
To be with me and only me?


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